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==== > Be the Prince

You are the young prince of the Kingdom of Breath. An odd name for a kingdom, yes, but you weren't the one who named it, you just live in it. You have a twin sister, as well, a princess who you believe is far more suited to the task of ruling this country than you are, but for some silly reason, everyone you happen across appears to believe that's what you'll be doing. You don't know the first thing about ruling a country, considering the fact that you're currently only eight years old, so you really have no idea why everyone expects such an impossible task of you.


Right now you're at a court ball, the first one you and your sister have been allowed to attend. Usually the two of you would stay up late at night, straining to listen to the beautiful music that would echo through the castle, but not tonight. No, this night, your father is showing off his darling heirs to the other kingdoms. Ambassadors and even other royals litter the grand hall where the ball is being held, upstanding men and women in the most lovely clothing you've ever seen in your entire life. They are quite mesmerizing to look at, and you can just barely ignore the fact that all of their eyes have fallen on you.

At some point, a strange man walks up to your father. Well, not a man, exactly. To be precise, you know that this person would typically be called a troll, the horned, multi-blooded, gray-skinned folk heralding from the west. You've never actually seen a troll in real life, and can't help but stare at him in complete awe. He has shaggy, dark hair and rather small, rounded horns. You expect him to react in anger, as you've heard is the case with trolls, but this one actually takes a moment to look at you before smiling.

"Good evening, Prince John," he greets, nodding at you and then your sister. "And to you as well, Princess Jade." Your sister giggles and does a little curtsy, and you can easily tell she's become fascinated by the odd gentleman. "My, you've both grown so very much since I last saw you."

"We've met before?" you ask excitedly, grinning wide. The troll chuckles gently and nods his head.

"Yes. Your father and I are good friends." He smiles in the direction of the king, who nods approvingly, a small smirk on his lips. Your father has never been one for words, so you didn't really expect him to say anything. "Ah, Karkat, why don't you say hello as well?"

You blink, and notice that there is a small figure hiding behind this troll. Hidden in the male's large cape stood a very young, irritated looking troll. He appeared to be your age, and was the spitting image of his elder. You assume that this young one-called Karkat-was this troll's son, and you can't help but smile brightly at him. He, however, returns the look with a scowl. You don't know many other children your age, aside from Jade, so this seems like a wonderful opportunity to make friends.

==== > Be Karkat

You are now the prince of the nearby Kingdom of Blood, a proud country with a sad history of violence, hatred, and war. Only since your father-known throughout the land only as the Sufferer-took to the throne has the kingdom shown improvement, and slowly but surely has grown towards peace. So far you've allied with several larger troll kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Rage and the Kingdom of Doom. Trolls give depressing names to their kingdoms, you've become aware, but who can help it? It's not like you're the one who fucking named them.

Anyway, at the moment you are at a ball in the eastern human kingdom, the Kingdom of Breath. You didn't want to go in the first place, but your father insisted on it, even though everyone knew that your younger sister, Nepeta, would have enjoyed this sort of thing much more than you. But you're older, your parents told you, so apparently that meant that you had to attend this ridiculous fucking event while she stayed at home with mother.

You are now being introduced to some bizarre human child who your father addresses as Prince John. You look him over, noting his messy black hair, buck teeth, glasses, and huge, intensely blue eyes that just won't stop boring in to you. This kind of creeps you out, and you attempt to bare your teeth at him to show you do not enjoy this odd staring in the least, but for some reason this makes the human smile. Didn't the idiot know a threat display when he saw one?

Apparently not, because he's suddenly coming closer to you as your father disentangles you from his robes and pushes you towards this John human.

"Hiya!" he greets in an impossibly high pitched voice that makes you grit your teeth. Puberty was going to be a blessing for this child. "My name's John!"

"I caught it," you growl back. Your father has abandoned you in favor of the human king, and the two of them wander off together in deep discussion. You sincerely wish to follow, but as the human female approaches, something tells you that they won't let you leave without a fight.

"You're the first troll we've ever seen before," chirps the female, Princess Jade, as your father mentioned. She had long black hair and vibrant green eyes, not to mention the same ridiculous teeth as her brother. Your father had said that they were twins, and you find that it was pretty obvious. Their resemblance was uncanny in a way that, if you thought about it, were they to dress like one another, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

"Fucking joy." You're not impressed by their simple banter, and find some amusement in the shocked looks on their faces.

"That's a dirty word," retorted Jade, who went immediately to giving you a nasty look. It didn't take long to make her dislike you, that was certain. John, on the other hand, seemed mildly interested.

"What of it?" you snarl. You'd never speak this way in front of your parents, of course. Well, you could probably get away with it when it came to your father, but you know for a fact that you would never chance it in front of your mother. The queen, known lovingly as the Disciple to her subjects, would quickly teach you your lesson, and you had a feeling it would be quite painful. But on your own, you have no problem saying, "You fuckasses gonna fucking do something about it?"

"Well I never!" Jade was fuming, not appreciating these obscenities very much, and she quickly left the area. John remained, however, and when you acknowledge him, you're irritated to see he's got a stupid fucking grin on his face.

You turn to leave, deciding you'd much rather spend the rest of your evening in the silence of the castle garden. That seemed like a plan, and then you wouldn't have to deal with these idiots anymore. At least, that's what you think, but by the time you've made it to your destination, you notice the sound of steps following you.

==== > Be John

Karkat was interesting, much more interesting than this ball, and you found yourself wanting to spend more time with him. So it was only natural that you followed him out in to the darkness of the garden, excited to spend time with this new playmate.

"What the fuck do you want?" Karkat growls at you, and you smile brightly back at him. He was different from all the other nobles you'd met. He didn't care if you approved of him or not, and for some reason, you really like that about him.

"Do you wanna play?" you ask him, skipping up so you're inches away from him. Karkat is mildly startled by this, and takes a couple steps back.

"No," he snaps, and turns to run off in to the depths of the garden. You instantly begin following him, and when he notices, the troll boy picks up speed. You're sure to follow suit. You don't want to lose him.

The garden is the pride and joy of the castle. Your sister loves it the most, always running out to bother the palace gardeners endless questions about the flora, which include various species of lavender, roses, tulips, and even daisies. The flowers were all artfully placed, creating great mosaics with the simple flowers. But at night, those particular plants didn't mean anything. They were closed tight for their nightly rest, so it was impossible to see the lovely images typical of the day.

"Stop following me!" Karkat shouted, glaring back at you, but you were persistent, even when he disappeared behind a set of bushes. He ducked inside, and you were quick to follow. The troll was smaller than you, though, and had an easier time navigating through the brush. He was far ahead of you, but you continued nonetheless, even when you could barely see him anymore.

When you emerge on the other side, you see him disappear in to a small rock formation masked by the leaves of a great, old willow tree. If you hadn't seen the hanging branches moving in time, you probably would have missed it, but instead you were quietly sneaking through to catch the troll by surprise. Through the leaves you could make out his figure, just standing there, his panting coming out in great huffs.

Then, with a triumphant grin, you pounce. Karkat lets out a yelp as you drag him to the ground with you, and before you know it, the two of you are wrestling with each other. You tumble and roll, and while you're laughing excitedly, Karkat is snarling and cursing at you. At one point you manage to pin him down, though, and laugh in victory as the troll boy glares angrily back at you.

"That was fun," you declare, and Karkat scoffs at this.

"Not really." You see a hint of amusement in his eyes, though. Karkat enjoyed the bit of play about as much as you did, but nevertheless, he does push you off of him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I'm just making friends," you answer happily, your chest heaving up and down as you look at him, your grin still in place. "You're fun."

"You're a buldgemuncher," your new comrade answers, but the anger isn't fully in it as he suddenly takes in the surroundings. You look around, as well, and find that the two of you are surrounded by bizarre, giant glowing mushrooms. You had no idea these existed on the castle grounds, and you wonder if anyone else knew about it. Judging by the lack of tending on this side of the brush, you suppose not.

"It's really pretty here," you say with awe, feeling the soft, dark, almost blue tinted grass with your hands.


The two of you kind of just sit there for a few moments before you turn back to the troll and declare, "We're going to be best friends, Karkat. I just know it."

"Friendship is a disease," he snarls back, glaring at you, but you just laugh at him and he rolls his eyes. "Whatever…"

==== > Be the Sufferer

"So we agree, then," you say, earning a nod from your friend, the king. "Very well. Karkat will spend every summer here, in your care, and get to know your children. Then, when the time comes, our family will be joined by marriage."

"Yes," mutters the king. "Prince Karkat may wed the child who does not ascend to the throne. Those are my only standards."

"Agreed." You understand this completely. Your son is next in line for his own throne, and it would be just silly to be governing two countries. Karkat would surely have the wriggler-child who did not have claim to the Kingdom of Breath, and when he turned sixteen, he would be married and on his way to becoming king.

You see no problem with this plan, therefore you sign the papers alongside your dear friend, closing the deal for good.
Just a random little JohnKat fix I decided to write out of the blue. XD It's prolly stupid as hell, but whatever. Set in a medieval kingdom kind of thing, where Karkat is set up in an arranged marriage with one of the children of the Breath kingdom.

I own none of the characters presented in this fanfiction. I just like controlling them. :3
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hjkgdhesgkugshksezg dear gog I love this

you write karkat so well


"Puberty was going to be a blessing for this child."

that's amazing


just YES


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